Date/Time:    Friday March 12, 2021, 17.45 for 18.00 (London, GMT)
        Service will last at the most 45 minutes
        You can chat both before and after.
        If you chat during, be sure that your microphone is off.
Reader:     Martyn Rose (President, Southampton Hebrew Congregation)
Books:       Either of Singer or Koren-Sachs siddurim
        (You will be helped along to keep up, sort of…)
Zoom Link:   Contact the shul email or Secretary by phone
Etiquette:   If you join before, by all means keep your microphone and webcam on
        (in order to shmooze)
        If you join during, keep your microphone off, but your picture on
        (we are inquisitive and like to see who is present!)
Secular Shmoozers …  join about 18.30.
        We will regard your presence as an approximation to the goal.