HIGH HOLY DAYS 2021 (5782) [2]

Services at the synagogue, Mordaunt Road

Chazan:  Rabbi Dov Katzel (Edgware, Chabad, plus friends).
Standard “minhag angli” (i.e. “orthodox”), ladies upstairs, gentlemen in the stalls.

We are most grateful to Rabbi Katzel and his Chaverim for once again supporting us with a traditional service over Yom Kippur.

  •  Kol Nidre: Wednesday 15 September. Fast starts: 7.02pm, Service 7.00pm.
  • Yom Kippur Thursday 16 September. Service begins at 10am.

Onward schedule: Yizkor -   12.45pm; Minchah – 4.50pm;  Neilah – 6.45pm  (Fast ends at 8.01pm);  Maariv – 8.02 pm.

Breaking the fast
Rather than provide a buffet, the rabbi is intending to bring some “party bags” for distribution at the end of fast.

Siddur: Artscroll. Enough copies in the shul to cope with expected (or even excessive!)  demand. By kind donation from Chabad, 2019.

Sunday 26 September, 5-7pm at the synagogue.
Rabbi Zalman Lewis (Chabad South Eastern Universities), Faith Advisor to Southampton students, will be building a sukkah. All welcome. Bring your children (or in our case, great-grandchildren).


PARKING (Yom Kippur):
(of course, of course) You should walk! 
But if you can’t… (you live too far away, are infirm etc..)
Evenings: you can use the time-limited parking bays, which are inactive in the evenings. Do not use the residents’ parking bays.
Daytimes: The 1 hour parking time limits in the parking bays in Liverpool Street, Methuen Street and Dover Street (adjacent to the synagogue) will be suspended. So in these streets,  it’s as though it is evening. You don’t have to nip out from the service to move your car.

In either case, Please don’t park in the Residents’ bays (you would still get a ticket).
Many thanks to the City Council for granting us this concession.

Worshippers from outside the area welcome, but please contact the Secretary (see “Contact” on this website) to notify us of your likely presence.

Public Health measures
+ Do not come if you feel unwell and particularly if there is a chance that you will pass on some infection.
+ Do bring a mask (unless you are exempt).
+ Please test yourself for Covid using a lateral flow test before coming.
+ Hand sanitising materials available.
+ Siddurim will have been cleaned beforehand.
+ To the extent possible, windows will be open and ventilation maximised.
+ Breathing allowed but discouraged (please fill up with air beforehand).
Unfortunately, for demographic reasons, we are no longer able to run regular Shabbat services. The nearest orthodox minyanim are in Portsmouth and Bournemouth. We do, however, run services on festvals, and from time to time when there is a visiting Rabbi. This page gives regular updates on services in the synagogue as well as information on some other Jewish activities in the area.