Event: Purim: Reading of the Megillah
Date: Wednesday 28 February
Time: 6pm; 6.15pm Ma’ariv, followed by Reading of the Megillah,
Venue: Southampton shul (Mordaunt Road, Southampton SO14 6FW)
Reader: Rabbi ZALMAN LEWIS
Afterward: Kiddush, about 7.15pm
Come: In fancy dress (or not…), with children in even fancier clothes

Zalman will first daven Ma’ariv (conventionally, in the shul, ladies who wish to join, not compulsory, upstairs). This will last 5-10 minutes.

This will be followed by the reading of the Megillah (everyone pile into the body of the shul, Gents permitted to sit up upstairs if they want a good view).

Bring your rattles etc. European Gun Laws (not US) apply. To pander to liberal thought, in this new revised version, Haman will only be imprisoned, his relatives will be let off with a stern warning, and there will be loud public protests when he is released after only 8 years’ incarceration as a result of his good behaviour in jail. The congregation will be expected to protest in the usual manner. But public executions are absolutely out.

Hope to see you there.