High Holidays 2016/5777

Many thanks to the more than 50 people who graced us with their presence during our Kol Nidrei and Yom Kippur services. We hope you will come again (see Sukkot above). Many thanks again also to Rabbi Dov and his merry band of Jewish jesters/Yiddish Travelling Theatre Company, who enabled the service to be so successful.

PS If  any of those of you who were with us (or even weren’t) want also to grace our bank balance with a small donation (what with it being that time of year and all that), as I explained, we’d be really grateful.


Members of all Southampton and South Hampshire Jewish Communities (and none) are invited to Purim celebration on Wednesday 23 March at Southampton Hebrew Congregation shul, Mordaunt Road, Southampton SO14 6FW.


6pm  Children (and all who ASPIRE to be children, from 18 to 81) to assemble for dressing up and games etc. Grownups allowed to come in costume too. (Organiser Dr GIL DEKEL)

7.30pm Evening Service (according to the Minhag Southampton) read at great pace by the President of the Southampton Hebrew Congregation  Mr Martyn ROSE

7.35pm Reading of the MEGILLAT ESTHER  in a combination of the HEBREW and ENGLISH  languages by the CONGREGATION.

Please bring rattles, musical instruments, vuvuzelas and other sonorous ACCOUTREMENTS  to celebrate the downfall of the evil HAMAN

Please bring FOOD  and DRINK of a suitably seasonal VARIETY   to share  and enjoy suitable  CONGENIAL  company, following the demise of the evil HAMAN .