Shabbat service

Saturday 27 January 2018
10.30am “Shacharit”
TubiShvat (new year for trees) theme
Intercommunal service led by Isaac Treuherz

Followed by lunch. Bring something suitable to share.
All welcome.

High Holiday Services 2017-5778

General Information

  • We will be running services over the High Holiday period at the synagogue, Mordaunt Road, Southampton SO14 6FW.
  • All are welcome, including those who would not usually worship according to the styles customarily adopted by Southampton Hebrew Congregation (or actually even worship at all).
  • Attendance is of course free, although it is not forbidden to give a donation.
  • You do not need to reserve seats beforehand.

Rosh Hashanah 
A big thank you to all who attended the services over the New Year period, particularly those who are new or infrequent attenders. There was a minyan for both the evening and morning service over Rosh Hashanah, the latter of which was followed by a rather carb-rich kiddush. Thank you also particularly to Martyn, Barry, Manu and Isaac for contributing to leading the service (did I forget anyone?).

Now…if you think it’s all over, it isn’t.    This weekend it’s….

Yom Kippur (11 Tishrei 5778):
Services to be led by Rabbi Dov Katzel from Chabad (who has led High Holiday services in Southampton for several years now).

I hope we can have a big attendance to welcome back Rabbi Dov, who will be bringing a few religiously knowledgeable colleagues to stiffen our backbone and pump atmosphere into our only occasionally.. er.. drowsy.. devotions.
Kol Nidre: Friday 29 September.  Fast starts 6.30pm.  Kol Nidre service 7.00pm (including sermon)
Yom Kippur Day services: Saturday 30 September:
Usual set of services during the day, according to the Minhag Angli. Usual break in the middle. Several sermons…….
(Very) approximate timing: Shacharit 10 am; Torah reading: 11:30 am; 
Sermon: 12:00 pm; Yizkor: 12:15 pm;  Musaf: 1.30 pm; Break 2.30-4.30pm
Minchah 4.30pm, Neilah 6.30pm, Fast ends 7.35pm.

Refreshments:  courtesy of the rabbi, will be available after the fast ends.

Parking on Yom Kippur:
You’re not supposed to come by car…. But if you do, thank you for coming! We don’t want to discourage you.
Parking restrictions on Liverpool Street (cross street from Mordaunt Road,  just by the synagogue)  will be suspended, so long as you park in a parking bay (i.e. not on yellow lines). As it is Saturday, you can also park in Moore and Blatch lawyers (corner of the Avenue and Middle Street) as  b’yameinu k’kedem.  (But the web informs me that their Head Office has moved to Chandler’s Ford, so we will have to check on this arrangement).

Rabbi Zalman Lewis will be at the synagogue on Monday 9 October,  5.30pm-7.30pm in order to build a sukkah and provide customary fare, including both gustatory and spiritual flavours.  Bring your kids. Everyone is welcome (yes really). Religious event mainly inside the sukkah, rather than in the shul.

(note date, Monday and not Tuesday as previously advertised in some places)