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Neighbouring Jewish Communities

Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation
Rabbi Yossie Alperowitz (Bournemouth Chabad)

Brighton Chabad (Rabbi Zalman Lewis)
Synagogues in Brighton

Reading Hebrew Congregation


Mohelim/circumcision/brit milah
This website, from the “Initiation Society”, gives contact details for mohelim.

Non-Jewish families
A mohel (one mohel, several mohelim) is licensed to carry out circumcision.
Some mohelim are doctors, but some are not (e.g rabbis).
The mohelim on the list may (or may not) be available for non-Jewish families.
Almost certainly they will not be available for families with a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother.
This list is for orthodox Jews, so they will in general not recognise non-orthodox conversion to Judaism.
As circumcision is carried out for Jewish boys at 8 days of age, normally a mohel requires the boy still to be baby (i.e. less than about 6 months of age).
The information comes without any endorsement from Southampton Hebrew Congregation as to quality, availability, price, or policy.
Unfortunately we have no information about local doctors willing to conduct this operation.